Eating and Drinking….why is it so hard?

Little monkey has a medical condition that requires him to be on a special diet. He also must drink at least 24oz of his special formula everyday. The problem here is that he doesn’t like to drink his special milk. And who can really blame him. Would you want to drink the same thing EVERYDAY for your ENTIRE life? Sure he’s only 19 months old, so his life hasn’t been SO long yet, but it is all he knows. I’m sure it gets old. We’ve even tried to flavor it but he doesn’t care. The problem with this is that his milk contains all the needed nutrients that he isn’t getting elsewhere (since he can’t have meat or dairy among other things). And there is no real rationalization with a 19 month old. He just knows that he doesn’t want it no matter how hard we try. I hope each day that he will finish his milk, but this is a rare occurrence at our house. And being his parent, of course makes me responsible for his well being. It is hard to not take his eating and drinking personal. I know that he doesn’t do it intentional to make me upset/mad/frustrated/insert choice adjectives here, but it is still hard. One day I know he will be old enough to take care of his diet on his own and it will be much easier for him to understand the importance of drinking his milk. Until then, I will try to not take it personally and just do my best to take care of them.


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