New Milk…

This past week, little monkey started three new kinds of milk. It started off on Orange and he wouldn’t drink it. Then the next day he drank all he was required to drink and more! Hooray!! Things will be fine!! The next day, he didn’t want the Orange. Crap! We tried the Chocolate. He apparently thought I was crazy because he wouldn’t even drink an ounce of it! We went back to his old milk and he drank some, not all of it, but better than nothing. Finally we tried the Unflavored flavor and it went okay. I called the dietitian and we have decided to rotate between Orange, Unflavored and the old milk. Hopefully a combination of this and also changing out the type of cup he uses will work. One day he had milk in a cup and wouldn’t drink it. I put it in a different type of cup and low and behold he started drinking it like crazy! Since he is on some new milk (Orange and Unflavored) he is also required to take a supplement in his milk on those days. It is to help give him extra calories and other good stuff that he’s not getting in his other milk or foods. 
We thought we were going to get to space out our Doctor appointments to every two months instead of every month. We got his lab results back though and his levels were high. So now we have to go back in one month, again. They think his levels may have gone up because he actually lost weight over the past month! How the heck did he lose weight? Oh well, time to keep stuffing him full of food! We believe that his levels may have also been high due to a miscommunication between my husband and me. I had told the dietitian about it but since it hadn’t happened in the three days right before his doctor’s appointment, they didn’t see a record of it. Hopefully the excess has passed out of his system and he’s going to return to normal levels.


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