The Letter B

Boys: Currently all other members of my house are boys…well guys might be more appropriate since one is 21months old(Little Monkey), one is 9years old(dog) and the other is 26years old(Little Monkey’s Dad)! There is no escape! But I love them…I think most of my life my best friends have always been guys.

Bob: And Larry…Thankfully Little Monkey is enjoying the Veggietales. I like Bob…although I do think Larry is actually my favorite…he’s fun and seems to not always be there, while Bob is more the guy who knows what’s going on and the perfect way it should be done.

Books: I’m not much of a reader these days, but over the past few months…okay, almost a year…I’ve read a couple. It all started with It’s All Too Much by Peter Walsh. I really like him and his ideas, but I would NOT want him to come to my house! After reading this book, I think you are supposed to be inspired to clean up your house. Well I was, for a short time period! We’re still working on it slowly, but we’re getting there. You know…the things you hold onto because someone gave it to you, it meant something a long time ago, maybe you’ll have another baby…you get the idea! While we still have plenty of stuff we no longer really NEED to be holding onto, we are working on getting some things cleaned out. Little monkey’s room is next on the list I think. He has more toys than any child needs. It’s probably enough for an entire village in a third world country. So needless to say, we need to go through his toys and at the very least, box up items for our future (possibly) children.


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