The Letter C

Christmas: This is probably obvious as it is the right time of year, so of course it is on my mind. We are having family come to our house for Christmas, so I’m a little stressed out. Our house needs to be cleaned, not to mention all the organizing we need to get done. I do like Christmas though, even with all the craziness. Christmas songs are also a plus. I have a new favorite one this year, Labor of Love. Go look it up if you’ve never heard of it. It’s a good one.

Cookies: I LOVE cookies…and well…most dessert/snacks. But I do like to make cookies and my favorite (because they are fun) are sugar cookies. How are sugar cookies fun you ask? Well I like to take parts of the dough and put food coloring in. Then I can make swirly or striped or checkered cookies. They are sometimes crazy looking but they are fun and taste great.

Chocolate: As much as I LOVE cookies, I think I LOVE chocolate even more! I would eat chocolate everyday if I could. And well let’s face it, sometimes I do eat chocolate everyday! I like the chocolate even more if it has peanut butter with it!

College: I went to college and got my BS degree in Business Administration-Marketing. And now little monkey’s Dad is trying to finish up his AS degree. So, now I’m becoming tutor to him for Humanities (SO not my favorite) and College Algebra (a VERY tough subject for him) I thought I was done with college…but little monkey’s Dad tells me otherwise.


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