The Letter E

Elmo: Little Monkey LOVES recently he has taken up liking Blue’s Clues and Veggietales…but he still loves Elmo. He has way too many Elmos (at least if you ask Little Monkey’s Dad) and of course he will get more. I say this as a fact, more than a likelihood, since I already bought him a build a bear Elmo for his birthday!

Eggs: I don’t really care for eggs all that much…but I will have them scrambled every once in a while. Otherwise, I only really use eggs for making cakes and such.

Elephant, Elevated, Exclamation: These are the words Little Monkey’s Dad came up with when I asked him for words that started with E. I don’t have anything else to say about the letter E. He also came up with a few other choice words…but I did not feel like they were good for this exercise. Oh look another E word!

Exercise: I HATE to exercise…I mean, don’t most people…unless you’re like a crazy fitness person? Thankfully, I don’t really NEED to exercise (ducking now to avoid being hit) although I’m sure it would probably do me a lot of good. Ya know, tone up and be healthier…but that’s not likely to happen!


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