The Letter N

Neighbors: When we moved to our current neighborhood, there was a family living in the house across the street. We would wave to them and my Dad had said hi to them when he was having the house inspected, but we’ve never really talked to them. In like April or May, they left. We figured it was for a vacation. And then a month past. And another month. And another. Someone was cutting their lawn but suddenly that stopped, so the neighbors next to us cut it for them. Two days later a new lawn company showed up to mow it but it was done. Little monkey’s dad went out to talk to the lawn crew and found out that the family (who we think consists of Dad, Mom Daughter, Son-in-law and Grandson) had gone to Germany, like they apparently do every year. The odd part of all of this…it is now February and they haven’t come back. Every once in a great while someone comes for a night or the afternoon to check on the house but that’s it. They have their lights set on a timer as well as their sprinklers. I’m still wondering when they might come back!

Naked: Okay so this might seem like an odd one to write on…but recently I’ve started watching Carson Kressley’s How to Look Good Naked show. Carson takes women who have bad self image and/or low self esteem and shows them how they are worth something and they can look nice. Even with those areas that they don’t like about themselves. And then at the end, when they are all done up nice and have spent 4 or 5 days learning to like and love themselves, he has them pose nude. Okay not like “Hey take a pic of my private areas” but covered with a sheet usually. The pictures come out nice but it’s probably not something you’d put on your living room wall. He then has the image blowup and projected on the side of a huge wall and has the women ask random people on the street if she looks good naked. Interesting concept and so far the women have come around and like themselves as they are. Would I want to go on this show…ummmm  no…just like I don’t want to go on What Not to Wear!  🙂

Norwalk: I don’t know much about the Norwalk virus, except that one of my friends from school has it right now. 😦 She works on a cruise ship (as does her boyfriend) and was supposed to be getting back on the same ship as her boyfriend. Now that she has this virus…she can’t get on the boat for two weeks. She is very sad and has already been on a different ship from her boyfriend for like 4 months. 😦 I hope you get better soon girl!!


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