The Letter R

Reading: I don’t often have time for any real reading but I was given multiple books for Christmas. I have only started to read one of the books. I am about half way through The Fireman’s Wife. I so far have been able to relate very well to the book. It talks about how families feel when their fireman goes out to work each day and what fireman go through to even get their jobs in the first place. This is not how little monkey’s dad got his job but I do understand the points. I also got 99 Ways to Cut, Sew and Deck out Your Denim and Generation T. I’ve managed to flip through both of those books and mark the pages that I want to try out.

Rearrange: Today we rearranged almost every piece of furniture in little monkey’s room. His Grandma bought him a toy organizer for his birthday. It was one I had picked out to get but was waiting for it to get marked down more. We went through all his toys and got rid of a couple more and then grouped the remaining items. I actually think it seems like there is more space in his room now, even though we are still covering the same, if not more, floor space. I used to love rearranging my furniture when I was in college. I think it was mainly a reason to not be studying or actually doing my homework. With the past month, we also rearrange the furniture in our master bedroom and I like it much better now.

Reading Rainbow: Is this a bonus….I’ve got TWO R’s! 🙂 When we were growing up we watched Reading Rainbow. Go ahead, sing the song, you know that you still know it too. “Take a look, it’s in a book, Reading Rainbow. Reading Rainbow” Okay so there is more to the song but right now I can’t think to make sure I have all the correct lyrics (I better not audition for Don’t Forget the Lyrics)! Anyhow back to the point, while recently going through items in my parent’s storage unit we can across a TON of books. I went through a small portion of them and boxed them to save for little monkey when he is able to not tear the paper pages. One of the books I found was A Chair for My Mother. This book was a Reading Rainbow book and I remembered it. I pulled it aside to save for little monkey. Maybe one day he will like it too. I wonder if they will have Reading Rainbow when he’s able to read that book. Maybe it is available on DVD?? The book is good, but I remember it most from also seeing and hearing the story on the show.


One Response to The Letter R

  1. Joe O. says:

    I LOVED Reading Rainbow!!! Especially when I became a huge Star Trek fan…and of course the host was none other than Jordy LaForge!!!

    We also did a candlelight one year with him…and the choir sand the reading rainbow theme!

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