The Letter T

Third Watch: When Third Watch was still on tv, it was practically a requirement to be home and watch this show(We didn’t have DVR or TIVO then). It was quite addicting but we liked it. Well little monkey’s dad LOVED it and therefore we watched it. I came to like it though. It is now available on DVD and I probably should have picked it up for little monkey’s dad for Valentine’s day. Anyhow- Third Watch is about the FDNY and NYPD staff who work third shift-usually the shift that sees the craziest stuff. At the time, little monkey’s dad was an EMT and then also a Paramedic. He is now also a Firefighter. So there was plenty in the show for him to relate to and some stuff I would rather not–but such is the life of emergencies apparently.

Taxes: I’ve been trying to work on our taxes for over two weeks now. I had problems with little monkey’s dad’s w-2 form because one came with incorrect information. He went in to work and let them know that it was wrong. They gave us a new “corrected” copy and a refund check for withholding too much. This new copy was also wrong and we sent it back. Finally, yesterday we got another new copy and finally they claim it is correct. I don’t really think so…but it is fixed in the major problem areas from before, so I guess they are right. I’ve also managed to get all but one of the statements of Dr. payments and I figured out mileage for each trip to the Dr. minus the one I don’t have a statement from yet. Now if I could just find the checkbook register from the last set of checks, we’d be almost set. I need that to see the amounts we paid for our health insurance last year. I can’t wait to finish this stuff and get it filed so that we can get our refund–I’m pretty sure we will be getting one…I’m just not sure how much of one it will be.

Trips: We try and take a least one vacation a year, not including trips to the beach. This year we are going on two trips! One with little monkey’s grandpa and aunts and uncle to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. The other trip is for our anniversary. We are going on a seven night cruise of the Mexican Riviera. We are sailing with Royal Caribbean and I am actually getting excited about going. This will be my fourth cruise and little monkey’s dad’s third.


One Response to The Letter T

  1. Joe O. says:

    As I’ve told you before…I LOVE Royal Carribean…Our honeymoon was great! Now if the marriage would just be always on a cruise…but back to the subject.

    I also watched Third Watch, but I’m not an EMT or anything, I just liked the show. 🙂

    I also just finished our taxes! Taxes suck!

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