The Letter V

Vacuum: I recently bought myself a new vacuum. I bought the Dyson DC 14 Drive on clearance at Target. They are expensive vacuums but I have only heard good things about them. We’ve had our old vacuum almost five years now and it is definitely past its prime and then some. I brought home the Dyson and left it in the box for two days before taking it out. I was afraid I would have buyer’s remorse from spending that much money on a vacuum. I actually only had to pay $28 for it, after Christmas money, leftover vacation money, and gift cards I had. So yes I did spend more than $28 but the other money came from other people. So far it is very well spent money. Our carpet looked horrible and appeared to be needing replacement. Our living room still does because of the stain marks it has (Anyone have some great idea to get out old stains that wouldn’t come out in the first place or that were here when we moved in?). The other rooms look practically new again. The Dyson did an amazing job at lifting the carpet back up to where it belonged and pulling out all kinds of dirt/dust I didn’t want to know was there! The carpet feels really nice now when we are barefoot, you can tell a difference. Hopefully everything they say about this vacuum is true and we’ll have it for a long time to come, longer than the last one!

Vision: I was the last person in my family (Mom, Dad, and Sister) to get glasses. I probably needed them awhile before I got them but I never noticed. The summer before my senior year of college, I took a class at UCF as a transient student. It was biology and we met in this huge auditorium. There were well over 100 students in the class. The professor said we were lucky to have such a small class for a general education course. This was surprising to me because the most students my classes had were about 30. The class was a lecture class with notes on PowerPoint. I sat in the second row and still had problems reading the words without them being fuzzy. Come to find out, yes I did need glasses and so now I’ve had glasses for almost six years. I asked about getting contacts but was told that since I have astigmatism, it’s not the best idea. Even though they now have special contacts for astigmatism, my eye doctor says that they still aren’t the best thing because they can turn while they are floating around in your eye and that makes things go blurry. So for now, I’m stuck with glasses until I can afford and decide to actually have LASIK done.

Vegetables: I only like a few vegetables. I like raw broccoli, corn, green beans, peas in the silver can, celery, potatoes, lettuce and tomatoes (but that’s really a fruit). That’s all I can come up with at the moment that I do like. Little monkey has no choice but to like vegetables and so far he’s doing okay. He will only eat carrots, sweet potatoes and squash as baby food so far. He will eat corn and potatoes. He mostly prefers fruits though. I’m hopeful we will get him to come around and try out some more veggies and like them (of course since I don’t like them I don’t know how much hope there really is!).


One Response to The Letter V

  1. Joe O. says:

    Carolyn and I both have a slight astigmatism, I have never had the wish to stick my finger in my eyeballs, so I don’t want contacts…

    Carolyn for years has been slight enough that she can wear normal contacts, but this last time she actually had to get the astigmatism lenses for one of her eyes and not the other. It’s a good thing too since the Astigmatism contacts cost about twice as much!!

    And yes…a tomato is scientifically a fruit, but the Supreme Court in 1893 declared the tomato legally (in the US) a vegatable. It’s also the state Vegatable of New Jersey…:)

    That was your useless information of the day!

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