The Letter X

Xylophone: Little monkey got a xylophone for Christmas from his Great Grandparents. He loves it. Of course he seems to love anything musical and has now figured out how his slide whistle works. He enjoys all of his music toys and likes banging on the xylophone. Sometimes I wish we didn’t tell people he wanted musical instruments for Christmas. At least he doesn’t have a drum set.

X-Rays: I cannot even tell you how many x-rays I have likely had in my life time. It is a lot. For instance, when I broke my upper jaw bone, I had tons of x-rays done. I’ve also spent plenty of time in and out of dentist offices; visits which often include x-rays. I recall also in elementary school that I complained that my back was hurting a lot and well it was. Eventually though we went and had an x-ray done only to be told that I was growing.

xavierenigma’s white dwarf: Do NOT click on that link unless you have time to waste. Someone sent me this game and it is a huge time waster. The idea of the game is to run around and collect the green dots. To earn points, you then want to run into a blue dot. The more green dots you have when you hit the blue dot, the higher point value it will be worth. The harder you run into a green dot, the closer to the center it will become attached. If you just bump into the dots gently, then they just barely cling onto the other ones. If you run into a red dot, you lose points (more if you have lots of green dots) and the game is over. So if you have time to waste, and lots of it, go ahead and play away!


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