The Letter Y

Yogurt: Lately we have been on a yogurt kick at our house. Little monkey’s dad with eat the fruity kinds, while I’ll only eat vanilla or the Whips kinds. Usually I’m buying the yogurt in 6-10 container increments. It doesn’t seem to take too long to get through those either. Thankfully (not that they are THAT expensive) they go on sale quite regularly between the acceptable grocery stores.

Yahoo: Did you just sing it??  Yaaa  hooo!  🙂 Crazy commercial…but I’m sure everyone remembered the item they were advertising by it. I use Yahoo for my email and I also am a part of a few Yahoo groups. Sometimes, when I’m trying to stay awake and I am bored waiting for the kids’ mom to get here, I will play some Yahoo games. These days it is usually just the crossword puzzles, which I’m not that great at, but I used to play some of the other games too.

Yellow: Probably the least flattering color for ANYONE. I say this even though I do have a yellow shirt or two in my closet as we speak. But really yellow just isn’t that flattering. It’s good for daisies but not really for people.

Yankee Candle: While most often I do think Yankee Candle is over priced, I don’t mind getting it as a gift or with a great coupon. A year ago, maybe more, little monkey’s dad got me a tart warmer. I do not use it as often as I should but I do enjoy it when I do. If I could just remember to plug it in and replace the tarts every once in a while I’d be doing good! Some of my favorite scents: Buttercream, Christmas Cookie, Clean Cotton, Cranberry Chutney, Sparkling Vanilla, Sweet Strawberry and Vanilla Cupcake. Anyone see a trend here?? Most of my favorites are food related and even more sweets related!


One Response to The Letter Y

  1. Holly says:

    I love yogurt! I YO Crunch ones.. with granola you can put in them or the M&M ones.. yummy!

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