The Letter U

As previously noted, this blog was ready to go last week, but events that I thought were going to happen, had not. They have now occurred and therefore I am going to go ahead and release The Letter U.

USAA: Our bank…at first when little monkey’s dad said he wanted to keep them as his bank, I was a little concerned. Where we live there is not a local branch and the closest one is hours away. All of our deposits are mailed in to the bank in Texas. The down side, no depositing cash and there are restrictions to join. The upside…there are many. They have amazing customer service, great online banking, you can use any ATM and as long as it is within their limits they will pay you back the fees that any other bank ATM. They also have great insurance prices. They also have staff available for free to help you with things like travel arrangements and deals. We used them to book our upcoming cruise. All of this to say, while I was worried about not having a bank I could walk into and talk to someone, I am thrilled with using their bank and all available services.

Union: This is a new one for me. Little monkey’s dad and his fellow firefighters just went union. There were many reasons to do so and hopefully going union will pay off in the end. As I am typing this, I am under the understanding that the Chief and the city have yet to find out that this has occurred. The guys should have their completed paperwork from the state tomorrow and will be presenting it to them on during the day. (At least that is the current plan.) So anyhow…we’ll see what good becomes of the union once it is in place. We are hoping for better benefits.

Universal: Not quite as cool as Disney…but they do have some pretty cool roller coasters. I think Disney is more for the younger crowd (kids) and the older crowd (who grew up with Disney long ago), while Universal is for the teens-thirties crowd. I’m sure Universal will not like my target group because they want to appeal to all people, but oh well. Most little kids either can’t or won’t go on the roller coasters because they are too small or too scared. But teens think they are invincible and are willing to do just about anything. Anyhow…we’re getting off topic I’m sure. I do like Universal but I would likely prefer to spend my day at Disney instead.


One Response to The Letter U

  1. Joe O. says:

    The Letter U!!!! I wasn’t thinking Union because I thought all firefighters were already unionized…

    Anyways, I’m not a huge fan of unions, though technically I am in one. I see how the IATSE guys at work don’t really work…but anyways…I guess they are good for some things…

    Universal kicks butt! I have annual passes to Universal, Sea World, Aquatica, Busch Gardens, and Islands of Adventure!! Go me!

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