A little too quiet-

You know how sometimes you are working on things in the house and your child is playing nearby and comes and goes with other toys and such? Okay maybe you don’t know…but I do. Here’s what has happened in the last two days at our house:

I’m cleaning up the kitchen and little monkey is playing in the living room. An then he goes in and out of my bedroom playing with his large toy bucket and filling it and emptying it. Well he went into my bedroom and didn’t come right out. And he was quiet. Not generally a good sign. I call him but he does not answer and does not appear. So off to my bedroom I go and what do I find…little monkey sitting on the floor next to my bed on top of a roll of Christmas wrapping paper that has been entirely pulled off the roll. We store our wrapping paper under our bed…needless to say there are many rolls under there. I’m just glad he decided to play with one of the Christmas rolls because we have MANY rolls of Christmas paper and not too many “regular event” rolls.

This morning little monkey was hanging out with me and playing in the living room. He was drinking his milk and I was finishing up my cereal. He had not had breakfast yet because he did not want to eat what I had given him. As is his norm, he would run into another room to find something and come dancing back out to me. And spent some time chasing the dog around. Well once again he disappeared. I had sat down to check my email and called at him to come out and see me. He of course decided not to. I got up to see what he was doing. Little monkey was sitting in the kitchen on the floor at the cabinet where his scale sits. (He will go here if he’s hungry and usually cries until he gets something he wants to eat. He is very aware that his food always comes from above that cabinet.) This time he was not crying, instead he had taken the box of Lucky Charms (my breakfast) off the counter (I’m not sure how he managed this.) and was holding it in his lap eating the cereal one handful at a time. This kid has NEVER even had Lucky Charms, but apparently decided he wanted to try them! I quickly made him a waffle for his breakfast. I guesstimated how many grams of Lucky Charms he may have had and looked it up in his book. Wouldn’t you know it would be found in the ready to eat higher phe count cereal section. Of course he couldn’t have picked something low to eat. They actually aren’t too bad and seeing that he likely didn’t eat too much, we’re probably okay.

I can hear it now….well if you always knew where he was/what he was doing you wouldn’t have this problem. Well you see, I did know WHERE he was…just not what he was doing. This would be next to impossible if I planned on getting anything done during the day. Overall, he is a good kid though. We are reaching the two year milestone and I’m pretty sure he knows it. Hopefully it won’t be a “terrible two’s” year.


2 Responses to A little too quiet-

  1. amypaul says:

    In some ways, this cracks me up. 🙂 I love that kid!

  2. Holly says:

    So cute! Just wait…

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