Instead of getting out, they’ll just break their legs

So on Saturday little monkey had a birthday party to attend. On Friday we were at playgroup and the birthday boy’s mom was trying to give us some directions to there house. She says you’ll take such-and-such road and then you’ll turn onto our street. You’ll go over a cattle gap and then drive a little more and then go over a second cattle gap. After the second cattle gap, it will be the 2nd house on your right. I, being a person who hasn’t lived in the middle of nowhere, raised my hand to ask what the heck a “cattle gap” was. The birthday boy’s mom and the playgroup host both laughed at me and couldn’t believe that I didn’t know what a cattle gap was; so much so that they even discussed it the next morning. They explained to me that a cattle gap is like a fence to keep the cows in the pasture but still allow cars to drive in or out. It is part of the road but it is bumpy and has gaps (hence the name cattle gap) and apparently if a cow tries to step on it, instead of getting out, they’ll just break their legs.

Here is a photo to give you an idea:cattle gap

So now you’ll know what a cattle gap is in case someone ever tries to use them as directions for you. And now you won’t get laughed at like I did…by many people!

The birthday party was lots of fun and little monkey enjoyed himself. He spent time riding in a wagon, pulling the wagon, chasing the two dogs and checking in on the cows. He went over to the cows, who of course were behind a fence, and said to me, “they come out?” He says this same thing about our dog whenever he is behind the gate and locked in a room. I told him no the cows could not come out and play and he stood and watched them for a very long time. Brian, the designated photographer at any event, captured some pictures of little monkey watching the cows, but I haven’t seen them yet (He’s got enough on his plate with his newborn son!). I hope he got some good ones because it was really cute.


2 Responses to Instead of getting out, they’ll just break their legs

  1. martimommy says:

    I love you my city friend!

  2. Joe O. says:

    Well…I for one, have never heard of nor seen a cattle gap in all my life either. Thanks for the information!

    I’m betting that if I ask my mom or dad they will know since they both lived in rural areas as kiddies…

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