Tang…old school orange

Little monkey has to drink formula everyday to get all the nutrients that he doesn’t get from food. He had gone through a phase of not wanting to drink it before and we ended up trying three other kinds of formula. He decided that he liked two of them so we had both of those ordered from the state pharmacy. After a couple weeks, he decided that he did not like the unflavored version anymore and only wanted the orange. We wanted to use up the unflavored and tried sneaking it in with the orange. This worked just fine. Last week I called his dietitian to let her know we were running out of the orange and could she order some more for us. The only problem was that I thought we did have more but come to find out we finished off the last can of orange on Friday. Little Monkey refused to drink the unflavored kind and ended up only having some water and a bunch of ice cubes over the weekend.

Monday morning I put in another call to the clinic to see if they have any of the orange flavored formula that we could go and pick up. They call me back in the late afternoon and say they have one can. In the mean time, I was talking to my best friend online who suggested Tang. Of course he had no idea if Little Monkey could even have Tang, but it was an idea. I went and looked it up in the book and wouldn’t you know it, Tang was FREE!!!! Hooray!! Maybe it would work. We jumped in the car to go to Target and pick some up. Amazingly it worked!!! Little Monkey has been drinking his milk rather well since then. I talked to his dietitian today who was happy with this and put in an order for nine more cases of orange flavored formula from the state pharmacy. Why we couldn’t come up with the Tang idea on Friday, I don’t know. And funny how it took a person who has no kids to think of such a great solution! Thanks again Joe O.


One Response to Tang…old school orange

  1. Joe O. says:

    You are welcome!!! It was just a random thought that jumped in my head…and it worked…makes me smile!

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