Leeches on Society

Recently Big Monkey and I were having a conversation about my trip to the grocery store. I was stacking up my items on the conveyor belt and told the bagger that I had brought my own bags. The cashier did not start ringing my order but just watched me add more items to the belt. She asks, “This isn’t on WIC is it? Because I have to have the check at the beginning to make sure everything is on there and if you give it to me at the end I’ll have to start all over again.” I told her that no it was not on WIC and she started ringing the items up. The only reasons I can think of that she thought it might have been WIC was that I was buying two boxes of Cheerios (a WIC approved item) and they were stacked at the front of my groceries or that she had some other WIC checks that day, which would be odd because I do believe those go out at the beginning of the month (and this is of course not the beginning of the month).

 After telling Big Monkey of this story, he tells me a story of a conversation he had recently had with one of the guys at work. This guy is a little younger than us and lives with his girlfriend/fiance’/whatever you want to call her today (He often uses the term wife but she is not his wife.) and their daughter. Said guy tells Big Monkey something about how they are on WIC, mind you their combined income is more than Big Monkey makes, but you see, they are not married and therefore the government views her as a single mom. Apparently you don’t have to explain your living conditions or the fact that both parents contribute equally to paying all bills when you apply for WIC. Big Monkey asked how they could be on WIC when we don’t qualify (not that we should because we do make enough to pay for food and such) and said guy tells of the single mom status. Said guy also says to Big Monkey, you know if you qualified for you, you would get it too. Big Monkey replied with no he would not because we do not need the help. (Now if we were in such a situation that we did require such assistance that would be different but that is the reason the program exists, not for people who just choose to not get married.) Big Monkey also pointed out to said guy that he was a man and he married his wife. This was not the nicest thing to say but it is true. There is no reason why these people should not be married. And one of their reasons for not getting married is because they would lose the WIC program assistance and have to pay more in taxes (because the mom is no longer a single mom). What a load of crap!!!! Hello!!! You make MORE money than Big Monkey does and yet he manages to do just fine, provide for our family, our needs and even many of our wants. I am very frustrated with this situation and I’m sure it happens more than I know.

I want to reiterate that I am okay with people using the WIC program, providing that they are using it because they do not have the means to provide for their family. This is what the program was designed for, to help single moms provide their children and themselves with some decent food each month. It is not designed to give your family food because you can rip off the government for some extra cereal, milk and cheese each month just because. It is also not designed to give you food because you cannot provide food for your family since you are spending your money on beer, cigarettes and whatever else you might want. Note that WANT….not NEED. Now I’m sure this blog does not make everyone happy and that each person has different morals and may think that just because you qualify means that you should take the assistance even if you don’t need it. And that’s fine…that’s you opinion but I think using this program in such a manner is being a leech on our society.

I have put this in the category of friends…but I am using this in a loose term…more like acquaintance…..coworker…..etc. I just don’t want to create another category for the sake of what hopefully will only be this one post on said topic.


3 Responses to Leeches on Society

  1. katie says:

    that kind of stuff drives me NUTS. people like that shouldn’t be allowed to call themselves American.

  2. amypaul says:

    there are wayyyyyyyy more people out there like this than we realize…

  3. Margaret says:

    First thanks for your comments on my blog!

    I agree with you so much. My husband use to work for the housing authority in the IT dept. He hated it, they have people in public housing that make more than us and drive nicer cars but because of what you mentioned in your post the live for a few dollars a month! Since my husband was IT he had no say in it, it was eventually part of why he left. It drove him crazy seeing it every day. I have also heard people talking about all they get free from the state, hello it’s not free my taxes pay for it. Like you we feel if they truly need it, ok but so many have just learned to work the system.

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