Gotta love the Fed-Ex Man

Okay so not really the Fed-Ex man…I don’t even know him! But yesterday he came to my house with two packages! How great is that! Especially when I didn’t order anything but they were both addressed to me.

I open the first one (a large envelope) to find a $50 gift card to Best Buy from some online contest I won! Woo Hoo! I think we might be getting a new game for the Wii!

I open the other ( a decent sized box) and found the following inside: A bread basket with lining, two stainless steel travel mugs, two stainless steel cream cheese spreaders, about 50 large napkins, four coupons for free Philadelphia Cream Cheese and four coupons for $4 off Thomas’ Bagels (which will likely make them free also). I also won this online. Retail value is supposedly $112! It is pretty nice although the napkins, spreaders, and travel mugs all have the Philadelphia Cream Cheese logos on them but I think we can live with that. So free breakfast around here! Maybe I can take one set to playgroup one day soon too.


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