What did you want to know?

I must say that I am quite surprised by the lack of participation from my “What would you like to know?” post. I have approved ALL the questions that were asked. If you check down there, you will see that only one question was asked. I did not censor ANY questions; there really was only one question posted.

Amy asked, “Does Little Monkey want a brother or sister?” I have checked with Little Monkey on this one. When I asked him if he wanted a little brother, he said yes. When I asked him if he wanted a little sister, he also said yes. I told him it was not too likely that he’d be getting both.

There has been some discussion recently around our house about more children. We’ve discussed a few options. 1. Have no more children. 2. Try to have another child. 3. Adopt a child. We are leaning somewhere towards number 1 and number 3 at this time. Big Monkey has expressed interest in wanting a little girl. We’ve also discussed that if we were to adopt that we would possibly want to have a child that also has PKU. Obviously this is quite a request when looking to adopt a child but it could be a possibility. With possibly adopting a child, there are other concerns- most which are financial. Can we afford to have another child in the first place? Can we afford to adopt a child? Both of which answers are probably: not right away.

So there you go. Sorry more people did not participate in the question and answer post. Maybe we’ll do it again sometime.


3 Responses to What did you want to know?

  1. amypaul says:

    As for the adoption deal, there are foundations and organizations that will help financially. After being a part of Nika’s adoption yesterday with Josh and Kami it really is such an amazing thing if you think about it. The judge said it this way…and I thought it was so true: “Today, everything is as it should be for this little girl. Who knows where she would have ended up if you all had not decided to show kindness to her and redeem one child for a better life.” It’s so true. It can be overwhelming to realize how many kids are in desperate situations, but I realized yesterday that one kid at a time, families can make a difference. After seeing the difference that Josh and Kami have been able to make in two kids lives it makes me more inclined to want to do the same, assuming I get married. 🙂

  2. amypaul says:

    Ok…sorry, but on another note about the adoption route. I mentioned this to Melanie and Josh this morning and they said if you were to adopt a kid with PKU that would be considered a child with a “special need” in the adoption world, because they are harder to place with families who don’t understand what a PKUer needs. So…apparently there is more money available for this type of adoption and they can help you. So if you decide this is something you’d like to look into more, Josh and Melanie can help you by helping with all the research and leg work. They can even help with finding the child! So, if this is something you guys (or anyone else reading this) would be interested in doing, shoot me an email at work and I can get you in touch with Josh and Mel. (amyp@placeofhope.com)

  3. Joe O. says:

    I didn’t ask a question…because…well…if I had a question I would just ask you…but I’ve been sitting her trying to think of a question to help…maybe I’ll think of something later…

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