Adding to our family

As was mentioned before, we have discussed adding another child to our family. We feel like adoption is the best way for us to do this at this time. After much discussion, we have now begun talking with Melanie at Place of Hope in West Palm. This is where my sister works and they are helping us to get started in the process. It is very helpful to have someone who knows us already than to jump into the process totally blind.

We are looking to begin the process of filling out paperwork, taking the 30 hour MAPP class and having our home study done. Once all of this is completed, we will be able to send our paperwork to agencies across the state. This way there will be lots of eyes looking for the child who will be the best fit for our family. The process could take a while so we are trying to get started on it. We are looking forward to finding a child who will be a great fit for our family and who we can give a forever home to. We are excited to begin the process but we are also trying to remain level headed and rational about it. We know it could be a very long process and possibly be years before a child comes to join our family.


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