Free Ice Cream Day

Since we do not have a Ben and Jerry’s close by that is offering Free Cone Day….I urge you to go to your local Ben and Jerry’s and get your free Ice Cream Cone. This is one problem with living in the middle of nowhere…no Ben and Jerry’s. Not that we would frequent the establishment, but we would go every once in a while and we would definitely go for Free Cone Day! So go enjoy your Ice Cream and feel bad for us that we are not doing the same.

Check out Ben and Jerry’s Website to find a location near you that is having the event.


2 Responses to Free Ice Cream Day

  1. Joe O. says:

    Theres one by my house…and you could come over and share in the love!!!

  2. Joe O. says:

    Hrrmmm…is that “Possibly related posts” thing new?

    Kati Here: I had to look to even see what you were talking about…but yes it must be new.

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