Still going to gym

We are still going to the gym…at least three times a week. I have been charting my workouts so that I know how much weight I’m lifting and how far I walk. I will not bore you with all the numbers but the good news is that I have already been able to add more weights on some machines. We went to the gym today and Little Monkey was the only kid in childcare (Apparently no moms come on Thursday mornings because he has always been the only one in there!). The childcare lady helped him make me a Mother’s Day card. Actually she really did most of it but she said she held his hand to write out all the letters. 🙂 It was a nice gesture. And he was very proud of the card, reminding me about it when we got in the car.

On a side note, (most people reading probably don’t want to read this part…so maybe you should just stop…..don’t say I didn’t warn you.) I weigh myself each day that I work out and record it in my booklet. The other day it showed that I had lost 1.5 pounds. (See I told you that you wouldn’t want to read it!) Anyhow, I am not trying to lose weight and imagine that once I get to the muscle building part of this process, I will actually gain weight. So no worries there.


3 Responses to Still going to gym

  1. michelle says:

    I need to exercise. But I will sit here and surf the net instead.

  2. katie says:

    um, what are you now kati, like 90 pounds?!

    Kati Here: No… I’m at 111. I think I would be VERY worried if I weighed 90 pounds!

  3. d0d0joe says:

    Congrats on the 1.5 pounds…I had actually lost 3 pounds in the past week by just eating my two meals a day and not snacking. Of course, I weigh about 3.5 times what you do, so I have more to lose…

    Also, I probably drank the weight back tonight after the 6 beers (I think) I had after talking to her…

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