No need to go to the gym!

Okay, this isn’t exactly true and I did in fact go to the gym today. It had been one week since I was there (we were out of town and then I was sick). I am still sick, but doing much better. However, if you don’t have a gym close by or don’t want to pay for the gym, I have an alternative. (If you don’t already have the game system, then it might be cheaper to go to a gym!!)

Let me introduce you to the new Wii game: Wii Fit We (my sister and our family) bought Wii Fit for my Mom and Dad as their Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gift. They have not gotten it yet because it just came out this week and I haven’t seen them yet to give it to them. They said that we could test it out at our house before we brought it over. I decided to take them up on the offer! We might have to buy one for ourselves! It is SO much fun. They have crazy activities to do and the more time you spend playing it, the more activities you unlock. Wii Fit is a one player game, however, there is an option for a two person run. During the run you do not use the balance board, just a Wii Remote in your pocket. Other activities include: Hula Hoop, Step Class, Tightrope walking, Ski Slalom, Ski Jump, Soccer Ball Heading, Strength Exercises and Yoga Poses. There are quite a few other games I have not unlocked yet. I am sure it is quite amusing watching a person play the game also (My parents watched on the webcam last night when I tested it out!).

So…if you already own a Wii…and want to have some fun with a little bit of working out, go buy WiiFit wait a few months when they will be in less demand and stores will actually have them so you don’t have to pay tons of money on Ebay.

Doesn’t this look like fun:  Shake those hips!!


2 Responses to No need to go to the gym!

  1. Joe O. says:

    I find it funny that you are playing a game that you bought for your mom and dad before they got it…I think my mom would kill me in such a scenario…

    Ohhh…and that reminds me, we need to get your Wii on the internet so we can exhange Mii’s!!!

  2. […] To Exercise Last year we bought Wii Fit for my parents…and this year I decided to get us a Wii Fit. I turned on some of my “MyPoints” […]

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