Publix Shopping

I had a decent Publix shopping trip earlier this week. I thought I’d share it with you. Sadly (for you at least!) this shopping trip was on Wednesday, which is the last day of the week for the ads at Publix. So you will not be able to run to the store and get the same things that I did. Sorry about your luck! 🙂 So here’s how it went.

I got:

Snyders Mini Pretzels 1lb $2.50 (on sale)
2-Can of Mandarin oranges $0.79/each
2-Delmonte Fruit-to-go Fruits cups (B1G1F)
6-Box of Kraft Mac and Cheese $1.25/each (B1G1F)
Can of sliced peaches $1.19
Can of sliced pears $1.19
2-Box of Quaker Chewy Granola Bars $2.79/each (B1G1F)
2-Lender’s Bagels $1.95/each (B1G1F)
2-tomato $0.95
10-Yoplait Yogurt $0.50/each (on sale)
4-3pack of Dial Bar Soap $2.23 (B1G1F)
1lb strawberries $2.00 (on sale)
1.82lbs red globe grapes $3.08 (on sale)
5- Asst. 12packs of Coke Products $2.75/each (on sale)

I had a coupon for the following:

75cents off 2 boxes of Quaker Granola Bars
50cents off 2 Lender’s Bagels
40cents off 6 Yoplait Yogurts
60cents off 3pack Dial soap
60cents off 3pack Dial soap
30cents off 3pack Dial soap
Free Coke 12pack when you buy 4 ($2.75)
Free 1lb bag of Snyder’s Pretzels when you buy 3 12packs of Coke ($2.50) (I just noticed that she did NOT take this off my order. The whole reason I bought the pretzels was because they were free. Darn it! I’ll ask at customer service when I go back and see what they’ll do, if anything. Maybe I can just return the pretzels since we haven’t opened them if they won’t do anything.)

Grand Total: $41.96 (Should have been $39.46) Savings after coupons and sales: $37.25 (Should have been $39.75)   Not the greatest for sure but pretty good for groceries! I had a coupon cop but all my coupons were of course valid. She lined them all up and scanned them after each coordinating item. The bagger was none too happy with me when he was almost done and he had one green bag left and only soap and bagels left when I told him to just throw them in together. It would be fine. I don’t live far. He looked at me like I was crazy and said no. He proceeded to wrap the soap in a plastic bag and put it in with the bagels in the green bag. The cashier told me that it drives them crazy when people tell them to just put it all in one bag because those items do not belong together. Oh well…..isn’t the customer supposed to be right? I just don’t want the darn plastic bag!!! It’s alright. I still really like Publix. They are the best grocery store around.
Another funny thing (funny to me) happened while I was trying to pick out yogurt flavors. I was getting some for Big Monkey and some for me. I like the Yoplait Thick&Creamy French Vanilla flavor. I could not find any so I asked the guy who was stocking yogurt at the time if he had any Yoplait Thick&Creamy in Vanilla. He walks right over and hands me Yoplait Thick&Creamy Light in French Vanilla. (Was I supposed to take a hint, or was he thinking since I’m a girl I probably want the light kind??) I said, “Oh, right, Do you have any of the not light kind?” He looked at me and then said he’d have to go check in the back. He did and came back out with an entire case and put the four cups I asked for right into my cart. (See I told you it was funny to me…maybe you didn’t laugh…if not…sorry!)


One Response to Publix Shopping

  1. Joe O. says:

    Nice shopping trip…

    FYI – Standard industry slang for ” Buy One Get One Free” is BOGO…:)

    Kati Here: Yes I’m aware of “BOGO” but I don’t like how it sounds…and when making my shopping lists I’ve always written it as B1G1F or B1G1.

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