Publix Trip Today

There is not much that is SO great about my Publix trip today except on thing. I went in to customer service with my receipt from the other day and explained to Daniel that they did not take the $2.50 off for the pretzels with the coupon I had. (The coupon that was provided by the store in front of the coke products.) With no fuss whatsoever, Daniel hit a few keys on the register and gave me $2.50 in cash! Thanks so much!

Okay so here is today’s shopping trip. Considering it includes beer, I really didn’t do too bad.

1 24pk+4bonus Publix Spring Water $4.50 (on sale)
2-Kraft Miracle Whip $3.89/each (B1G1F)
4-Kraft Salad Dressings $2.63/each (B1G1F)
2-Suave Conditioners $1.00/each (on sale)
2-Bags Lay Potato Chips $3.79/each (B1G1F)
1 18pk Bud Select $13.99 (And yes, as always I got carded for the beer.)
$2 off 24pk of water when you buy 18pk Bud Select
$1 off 2 Suave Hair Products
55cents off Miracle Whip
55cents off Miracle Whip
1 Free Bottle of Kraft Dressing ($2.63)
1 Free Bottle of Kraft Dressing ($2.63)

Grand Total: $25.19 Total Savings after sales and coupons $23.97
Imagine if I hadn’t bought the beer! Well then I also wouldn’t have bought the water. So my total would have been $5.37ish with my Savings being $21.48ish (give or take a little more on taxes for these figures). That would have been a much more impressive total!


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