National Donut Day!

Today, June 6th is National Donut Day. And to celebrate, Krispy Kreme would like to give you a FREE Donut! So check out the Krispy Kreme site for a location near you and check to see if they are participating. Once again this shows that we do live in the sticks because there is not a Krispy Kreme near by. The closest one to us is 25.5 miles away. So we will not be getting a free donut because that is a little over two gallons of gas to get there and back in my car…making the free donut cost about $8! So if you have one close by…go enjoy a free donut for me!


2 Responses to National Donut Day!

  1. Joe O. says:

    I live kinda near one…10 miles away or so. But that took me a while to figure out since when I entered my zip code it said “no matches” and when I entered Kissimmee, FL it said “no matches.” Eventually I found one on 192 in Kissimme…but oh well 🙂

  2. amypaul says:

    Well…I DON’T live in the “sticks” and I think the closet to me is Melbourne or Miami. No donuts for me…probably better that way anyway. 🙂

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