Publix and Winn-Dixie Shopping Day

Today we hit Winn-Dixie and Publix for some things we needed and also for some things that were great prices and we will use! We are having Big Monkey’s family over tomorrow so we needed to get a few things for that too.

2-Simply Smart Half Gallon of Milk $3.59 each
4-Kashi Vive Probiotic Cereal $3.99 each
After store sales and coupons, we paid $3.98 (on a gift card from a transferred prescription) and saved $19.16! Not too shabby!! We paid one cent less than the cost of one box of cereal (although I would NEVER pay $4 for a box of cereal!) and got four boxes and a gallon of milk!

Digorino for One Pizza $2.50
2-Kashi Pizza $5.99 each-bogo
3-Stoneyfield Yogurt .60 each
1lb mushrooms $3.29
4-Barilla Pastas $1.39 each-bogo
London Broil $8.82
Barilla Pasta Sauce $2.59
6-Lysol NeutraAir $3.29 each-bogo
Cover Girl Nail Polish $3.29
Cover Girl LipSlick $3.29
Total after store sales, competitor coupon ($5 off $40 purchase from Winn-Dixie), and manufacturer’s coupons: $13.93 with a total savings of $51.18!!!!!   The lady behind me was shocked and said that maybe she should be clipping coupons! All this for $13.93….that’s almost how much the London Broil and Mushrooms alone would have cost me. Those items we need for tomorrow’s dinner!


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