I Like To Win

I like to enter online contests. Big Monkey thinks it is a waste but then is happy when I get free movie tickets, a mini maglite, and a camel-back-type product. There are TONS of contests online and most I don’t even find on my own. I find a lot of them because someone else has already done the work and posted all the needed information on a forum site I visit often (multiple times a day).

Recently, I have won the following:
Mini Maglite
Many bags of Flat Earth Chips (I didn’t redeem the coupons though)
Movie ticket for the new Batman Movie
Movie ticket for Get Smart
Camel-back-type Water Backpack
Coupons for free Bagels and Cream Cheese, two travel coffee mugs, food basket, two cream cheese spreaders
$50 Best Buy gift card
$20 7-11 Gift card
$10 HSN.com Gift card

Seems like playing online contests has paid off a little bit for us! I’m sure it would be nice of me to give you some links for a few games so that you can enter them too, but then I’ll have less of a chance of winning! I guess it would be nice/fair of me to at least give you a couple, so here you go:

You can play these daily
Shane’s Rib Shack (Even if you don’t win, you will get a coupon to use at the restaurant)
Subway Get Smart (This is where I won the chips and a movie ticket!)
Universal Studios (Instant win prizes are tickets to the park!)


One Response to I Like To Win

  1. Joe O. says:

    I think you are just lucky…though I will start checking out that forum and trying to win…I probably won’t win anything.

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