Computer Issues

So you may recall the issues I’ve been having with my computer…and if not…well there are lots of posts telling you all about it.

The past few days my power cord has been very finicky. The cord has to be laying just so or it is not thinking it is plugged in and should be charging. My battery only lasts about 45 minutes, if that. I figured I would just buy a new power cord and not try and deal with HP even though it should be covered on my warranty. Today the screen pops up saying that my battery is crap (which we already knew but now it’s worse). When I sent it to HP originally my battery was “good.” When it came back, my battery now read “fair.” Today my battery reads “poor” and when I run the battery test, it says that I need to replace it. Then it says it might be covered by my warranty. And then it states “Just Kidding It’s probably not!” due to the age of my battery, it is not covered by my warranty. So are batteries not covered for the entire year, or did they give me some other  battery that was already crappy?

And now the dilemma of do I call and even bother with HP about the battery and cord or suck it up and buy a new one? I have been waiting since the end of May for my card reader to be sent to me since they “forgot” to reinstall it before shipping it back. The latest update on that was when they called me the day it was supposed to be here at the latest and told me it wasn’t going to make it but that I should have it on or before July 24th. So I need some input…what should I do about this situation?? You have until 8am Friday morning to cast your vote!


2 Responses to Computer Issues

  1. Joe O. says:

    I would first call HP and raise hell…The battery should easily last a year and the fact that it didn’t makes me think they may have swapped it out during testing…Somebody seems to not like you very much at HP eh?

  2. Holly says:

    I said get a Mac- then you could just call Brian when you have questions… LOL

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