Vegas Vacation-Day Seven-Tuesday

The final day of our trip was mostly just getting back to Orlando. We woke up at 7:15am, showered and left the hotel. I had a hangover for sure and would have liked to just throw up. I’m sure I would have felt better right away but this did not happen. We went and filled the car with the rest of the gas it needed and dropped it off at the car rental place. We took a free shuttle to the airport and checked our bags. We went through security and got pulled out because we had forgotten to pull Little Monkey’s liquid medicines out of his backpack. We had to go to a separate table where the TSA lady pulled virtually everything out of his backpack. She let us through with the medicine and said that since we had Little Monkey with us, she would allow us to take the single serving sized applesauce as well. I hadn’t even thought that might be an issue!

We caught up to Uncle K, Aunt S and Aunt K who were already there having some breakfast. Big Monkey ordered some breakfast also and I got a muffin and water from Starbucks. I still wasn’t feeling good and just wanted to be sick. We finished eating and went to wait for our flight at the gate. Everyone else boarding the plane, while Little Monkey and I waited for Final Boarding. As soon as we walked to our seats, he told me that he pooped. Great…well you’re going to have to wait a little bit for us to fix that. The flight was overbooked and they kept coming around looking for empty seats. At the time, Little Monkey had been wandering around (hello he’s two) and they gave Big Monkey a big fit about getting him in his seat so they don’t give his seat away. We got him to sit down mostly and finally they decided we were ready to go. We took off only about five minutes late.

The take off was very rough. I already didn’t feel good and this surely wasn’t helping. It smoothed out a little bit but that didn’t last too long. We are all pretty sure that the pilot was on his first flight and reading the instruction manual as he went. This was the worst flight I had ever been on. Little Monkey ended up falling asleep sitting up in his seat. When we finally got in to Atlanta, the descent and landing was horrible too. Finally, I actually did throw up and felt SO much better. (I know you wanted to hear those details!) I did actually have a large ziplock bag, so there was no real mess, but I did feel bad for Aunt S who was sitting next to me. She didn’t seem to mind too much.

We got off that plane and almost right onto the next one to get home to Orlando. This flight was much quicker and MUCH smoother than the last. We found our luggage and were on our way. We got our car from the parking place and headed home.

Overall the entire week long trip went better than most of us had expected. We had a good time and got to see some new parts of the country. Thanks to Grandpa for taking everyone on the trip.


One Response to Vegas Vacation-Day Seven-Tuesday

  1. Joe O. says:

    You puked into a ziplock bag? They have barf bags for that…you just gotta ask!
    My stomach is weak that seeing someone else’s puke in a ziplock bag would cause me to puke!

    Kati Here: They did have a barf bag but I already had the ziplock bag in my hands just in case. And honestly, I don’t know how well the little barf bag would have held it all. We did put the ziplock in the barf bag though after it all happened.

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