Tuesday-Day Four-Cruise Vacation

We got up around 8am and got ready for our day off the ship. We had to pick up tickets for getting off the boat. In Cabo, the ship cannot dock, so we had to use tender boats to get from the ship to the land. We decided to have breakfast in the dining room before leaving. We both had French Toast. It was like three inches thick. I don’t think I’ve ever seen French Toast like that. It was very good. (Although, how can you mess up French Toast really?) We tried to find Mark and Liz but we didn’t see them anywhere.

View of Cabo San Lucas from our ship

View of Cabo San Lucas from the ship

We went back to our room to get some things and called their room. Mark answered and let us know that Liz was up by the pool waiting for their number to be called for the tenders. We headed up there and found them. We had to wait a while before our number got called (Our number was ten numbers ahead of the number Mark picked up, so thankfully we picked up enough for all of us.) Our number was finally called and we headed to the bottom of the ship to get a ride to shore.

Liz’s niece, her daughter and her daughter’s friend were vacationing in Cabo for the week, so they met us at the dock to show us around. We went and did a little shopping and got Big Monkey a hat. (He forgot to pack one…and when you have no hair, a hat can be vital when spending so much time in the sun.) Liz’s niece wanted to take us all to another shopping center but it was going to be quite a walk in the very hot sun. So we piled all seven of us into their rental car (a Dodge Attitude, similar to this one but in blue) and drove us over to the shopping center.

While there, Liz went shopping for a new bikini because she didn’t try on the one she bought before the trip and didn’t like how the bottoms fit her once she put them on. She ended up finding one after three stores. She also bought some candy that she likes and had us try it first. It was SO gross. I don’t know what it was, but I would not try it again. She laughed at us but ended up eating all of the rest of it.

Hanging out at the hotel

Hanging out at the hotel

After we were done shopping, we decided to go to Liz’s niece’s hotel to hang out and eat. We did not know this might be in the plan, so Big Monkey and I had not brought our swimsuits. We still went and had a good time, we just didn’t get in the pool. The hotel was very nice and had two pools, the sky pool-higher up in the mountain and the sand pool-down by the ocean. We went to the sky pool via an elevator and golf cart winding up a small path. The pool had an infinity edge to it and a swim up bar. It was VERY hot and I wasn’t feeling good but after some water and a pulled pork bbq sandwich I started feeling better. The boys (and Liz’s family) had some drinks and in the end, we got the bill for our portion, $400-something-Thankfully that was in pesos!

We hurried to get out of there and piled back in the rental car to get back to the ship. We did not want to miss the boat and actually we were there in plenty of time. Big Monkey and I headed to find a shot glass for our collection and Liz and Mark got in the line to get back on the ship. Big Monkey was going to just go back and get in line with them but by the time we got back there were well over 50 people waiting in line. I decided it would be rude of us to “skip” all those people since they had already been waiting. Big Monkey and I had quite the discussion about this during much of our wait in the line. We never did come to a common ground on what we could agree on. I could tell the people behind us were listening in to our “discussion” so I turned around and apologized to them for having to listen to all of that drama.

We got back to the boat and waited for Mark and Liz (They had gotten out of line to look at diamonds but didn’t end up buying any.). We decided that the four of us would not be going to dinner and instead we’d just hang out at the pool and eat dinner off the buffet in the cafe. We got our dinner to go and ate up on the deck, watching the sunset. Once the sun went down we hung out in the hot tub for a little bit.

We went back by the room to change clothes and take Do you know what it is?some medicine for my headache. We found this thing (not sure what it is) waiting for us. We had planned to meet back up with Mark and Liz to go see the Late Nate Comedy Show with Tim Jones but they decided they were done for the night. We headed over to the lounge a little early to get seats and found they were having a sing-a-long game show. It was quite entertaining mostly because people couldn’t really sing. Then we stayed for Tim Jones’ Comedy Show.


2 Responses to Tuesday-Day Four-Cruise Vacation

  1. Joe O. says:

    I think its supposed to be a bunny…

  2. amypaul says:

    I think I wish I got to go on the cruise so that I could see the towel friend in person to make a proper judgment.

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