Wait, How Old Am I?

This weekend we had Grandpa (Big Monkey’s Dad), Aunt K and J (Aunt K’s boyfriend) over for the day. The boys were working on building a deck for our pool. In the middle of everything, I took Little Monkey to the store to pick up the hot dog buns for dinner as well as milk, beer and bananas. (Odd list isn’t it?) Before I left, Grandpa gave me some cash to help by the stuff for dinner and told me to get two quick pick lotto tickets.

Little Monkey and I went to the store and had to wait in line to buy lotto tickets. This was mainly because the old man two people in front of us kept asking questions and didn’t understand how the new jackpot system works. Finally he decided he was done and moved along. It was our turn, which Little Monkey announced to EVERYONE multiple times. I get to the counter and tell the girl I would like two quick pick lotto tickets. She starts to punch it in the computer and then proceeds to say, “I’m sorry I need to see your id.” So I of course pull out my license and she looks at it and says, “1980, oh, ok.” (Because you know…they are looking to see that you were born on or before today’s date 1990.) Now, we all know I look young, you may remember this incident, and I’m sure I looked just as young yesterday, but 18…come on!

We did our grocery shopping and then went to check out. Of course we are buying beer for the boys (because it is a great idea to drink beer while using power tools) and I get carded again. At least they are consistent. I would hope if they are carding me for not being 18, that they would card me for not being 21. And yes, I know, one day I will be thrilled to be carded. But once again, I’m 27 and have been out of high school for nine years. Oh well, I guess I’ll try to enjoy the fact that I look young and remember that people looking at us while Little Monkey and I are out shopping probably are thinking the same thing.


2 Responses to Wait, How Old Am I?

  1. Joe O. says:

    You got carded for lotto tickets?!?! I can’t remember the last time I was carded…oh wait…I think I was having dinner with you!

  2. mom says:

    You WILL appreciate it one day……

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