Little Monkey’s Talking

Okay so he’s been talking for a while, but now it is getting funny again. Here are a few examples from the past few days.

Getting ready to go swimming- I was putting his swimsuit on and he keep pointing to it saying, “Soup, My Soup.” Then he would go to Big Monkey and say, “Daddy where’s you soup?” Even correcting him to ‘suit’ didn’t matter, it still comes out soup.

He likes to look at the letters of the alphabet and ask which one is which (Except for A because he seems to get that one right about 98% of the time already.). When he shows me the letter ‘Q’, I tell him, “Q” and he’ll repeat it, “cute.” This happens almost every single time.

He likes to be helpful and close doors to cabinets and the house. He will generally ask first if he can do it. Lately, that sounds like this, “Mommy, I close the door please?” How nice is that?!?! He’s so polite!

If I put on my shoes, even to go get the mail or something, he will say, “My shoes! Shoppin? Mommy’s car?”
He really is getting very fun these days. He remembers lots of stuff and can tell us about a lot of things. If only we could get him to want to eat food and drink his milk! One day…One day!


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