Walgreens Register Rewards Update

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Yesterday the local Store Manager from Walgreens called me in response to my email to Walgreens Corporate. This is the same guy I talked to in the store who told me that if I used manufacturer’s coupons I would not get register rewards. I seem to not believe this since I have seen many people post online that they did make purchases and use coupons and still got the register rewards.

It’s not worth the discussion and fight about it so I thanked the guy for clarifying it for me and moved on. If anyone else can explain why that would be great. Otherwise I think I will be trying to steer clear of register rewards from now on. I don’t shop much at Walgreens anyhow but we’ll see. I went back the other day to use my register rewards before I forgot about them.


One Response to Walgreens Register Rewards Update

  1. Rhonda says:

    Hi there! The coupons are all computer generated, and although I have had a few instances where the RR didn’t print, it wasn’t because I used a coupon.

    This is what I have experienced from Walgreens in California:
    * always have at least one more item than coupons.
    * you cannot use a RR and get another RR for the SAME ITEM, but you can use a different RR if it’s from a different company/manufacturer

    For example, yesterday, I bought a $1 box of Whoppers and the Colgate toothpaste (free after RR). My total was $4.80. I gave them my $3 RR for the shaving gel from last week, so I paid out of pocket $1.80.

    Hope that helps some.

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