Saturday-Day Eight-Cruise Vacation

We had room service for breakfast before going to our massage. Our massage was good and we were very relaxed afterward. We just ended up hanging out until lunch. It was a bit chilly outside so there was no sunbathing or swimming. We did go to the photo center to go through all our pictures and decide which ones we were going to buy. We figured we should get some of them because we don’t have any real formal pictures of us from recently. We finally decided on the two you see here. πŸ™‚

For lunch, we decided to go to the dining room for the first time. We sat at a table with this older couple, along with a Chinese family. This lady had gotten up in the middle of dinner the night before and sang Happy Birthday and some other song as Marilyn Monroe. Apparently this is what she does and somehow some family found out and asked her to sing to their Grandma who was turning 90. It was very weird. At lunch she would not shut up. Very annoying but oh well. While talking, we discussed our anniversary (it was also their 1st or 2nd anniversary) so she ended up having the staff bring us a slice of cake and sing to us. It was rather embarrassing. I guess we should be glad we didn’t sit with her all week or that they sang to us at dinner.

After lunch, we went and took a long nap. It was still chilly outside so it wasn’t like we could hang out at the pool. We also packed up most of our stuff so that it would be easier to get out bags our the door later that night. We showered and got ready for dinner. Before we left, we got a call from guest services saying that we should have received a letter from them (we hadn’t yet) and we needed to go talk to them.

While Big Monkey was in the shower, I decided to go handle the situation. After waiting in line for a bit at guest services, I found out that our credit card company would not authorize the full amount of our bill on the cruise ship. I’m not really sure why because there should have been plenty to cover it on that card but oh well. I gave them another credit card to pay the difference. I stopped at the shops get some cologne for him for our anniversary but I wasn’t sure which one of the two we had finally settled on that could be an option if I were to ever buy him something.

Once all of that was done, we headed to see the Farewell Show. It had some singing and dancing, magic and comedian. Overall the show was not that great. We had a little while to wait before dinner and we ended up running into Mark and Liz. They were not planning on going to dinner and that was the last we saw of them. Everyone else showed up to dinner. I ordered a pasta dish with salmon but after having one bite I knew I would not eat any more of it. I ordered a chicken dish instead; it was much better.

Dinner was FINALLY over…(it seemed to take FOREVER tonight) and we went to check out the casino to see how the craps table was. Big Monkey decided to play and had he cashed out at his peak, he would have turned $100 into $140 but he didn’t and instead turned $100 into $97. πŸ™‚ Not too bad. We played a few slots but did not win anything there either. Still with Big Monkey’s winnings from the other day, we were “ahead” in the end (not if you count all we SPENT on the cruise though!). After the casino, we went back to our room, found this guy, finished packing and put our luggage outside.


One Response to Saturday-Day Eight-Cruise Vacation

  1. Joe O. says:

    Awww…how cute πŸ™‚

    I’m not talking about the towel guy…

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