Hunkered but not too low

2pm Update around here……

NO rain at all today so far. We have had quite a few wind gusts though. Nothing major to report at this point. Mostly boring. I took Little Monkey to the grocery store this morning to get milk (we discovered last night that ours had gone bad four days before the sell by date—this is another post of its own). Mostly we’ve sat around and just taken it easy.

Big Monkey had to go to a Doctor appointment. (I cancelled mine based on the track from yesterday because its a long drive and I didn’t want to do that in wind and rain.) Little Monkey is currently napping. I’m thinking about going to work on organizing some more of the office or sewing Little Monkey some shorts…not sure which yet! Oh and I have to decide on something for dinner.

Stay safe…if the storm is hitting you. Looks like we’ll have some branches that need to be cut if the storm doesn’t manage to knock them down fully. The wind has already bent some of our branches!


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