Hunkering Down

Monday we did some last minute preparations for Tropical Storm or maybe Hurricane Fay. Big Monkey did some running around in a department car for supplies for the station (water and sandbags) and also ended up running a call while the engine was at another call.

Little Monkey and I went to the gym in the morning and then came home and did all of our laundry, towels and Little Monkey’s sheets included. We also ran the dishwasher and cleaned up some around the house. After Little Monkey’s nap, we took the car and gas can to the gas station to fill up both. We got back home and poured the gas from the gas can into the generator. (We are hoping we will not need to use it but Big Monkey wanted to have gas in it just in case.) Then we headed back up to the gas station to fill the gas can again so we’ll have extra gas in the event that we do need to use the generator. We made dinner (Sunshine Chicken, Pasta side and green beans) and also made brownies because everyone knows you need to have yummy snack foods for hunkering down during a storm.

Big Monkey was home for Monday and should be home on Tuesday, barring any need for extra firefighters. We have a department car at the house until Wednesday so that he can respond directly from the house. The downside to this means we have to keep the work pager on all night long and he might have to get up and leave in the middle of the night. Good news is that if the winds get to be sustained at 45 mph or more, he doesn’t have to go anywhere because they consider it to be unsafe to respond.

Hopefully we’ll just get to sit around the house (or maybe actually do some kind of work in the office or something) and it will just be windy and rainy all day. We’ll upate you (if there’s anything worth updating and if we have internet).


3 Responses to Hunkering Down

  1. Joe O. says:

    I was laughing my butt off at the lines at the gas stations, banks and at the grocery stores. I always keep some emergency cash in the house and have some water if needed. I guess I’ve just been through too many of these, but this storm just isn’t scaring me. Its not organized well enough and looks like its gonna take the long way to O-Town and hit lots of land before it gets here. That should mean it will be awfully weak by the time it gets here.

    I just hope my internet stays on so I can continue to read your blog/write mine!!!

  2. kathleen says:

    I read yours too and don’t comment for the same reason…sooo funny:)

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