Oh HP…Seriously

This is getting ridiculous. You may recall I told you here that HP called to say that my battery had been delayed and it would be arriving September 4th. I had spent time on the phone with HP on August 1st to get the new battery. I have since received one email and and THREE phone calls to let me know that the battery I was supposed to be getting would not be coming as promised. Once again, they are experiencing a “back log situation” and therefore the newest time frame for my battery to arrive is September 18th. I must say that once again I will not be shocked if at 4:30 pm on September 18th I get another call from HP letting me know that the battery will not be here. I mean seriously, if the battery was supposed to be here today, and it has not shipped yet, you probably knew that a couple days ago. I’m glad that I don’t use my laptop away from home a lot or places that I am not able to plug into a wall if needed.


One Response to Oh HP…Seriously

  1. Joe O. says:

    This is just horrible service…I cannot believe that HP can stay in business this way!

    Once? Ok fine, but they did this to you on when the actual computer would arrive, then on the plastic cover thing and now on the battery?

    This is proving to be there standard operating procedure and I for one would be very wary of purchasing an HP or Compaq in the future for this very reason. This coming from someone who LOVES his HP desktop, but nothing has ever gone wrong with it, I don’t know what I would do if they gave me this same crappy service…I’d be pissed!

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