Recently I pulled a few of Big Monkey’s old textbooks out of the office and looked to try and sell them. I checked out prices on and also at  Three of the books had decent selling prices on so I put them up and sold them all within two days. One book was getting a higher quote from, so I decided to give them a try.

I was given a payment quote of $38.90 for one textbook plus a 3% bonus of $1.17 for being paid through Paypal. I had to print out a prepaid shipping label and box up my book and drop it off at the post office. When they received my book, they sent me an email to let me know they had received it and would be reviewing it. Once the book was review to make sure it met their standards, my account was noted as processed. A couple of days later, I got an email letting me know that they had deposited $40.07 in my Paypal account. The entire process was quite easy and I got more money for that book than I would have it I sold it on They don’t take all books and they have some strict guidelines.

Overall, the process was easy and from the date I filed to send them my book to the date I was paid, was less than two weeks. I would recommend I have created an affiliate link with their company in all the links on this page. If you go to their site from here and sell them a book, I will get $4. It’s not much, and I’m not expecting to get rich, if even any money at all! They are not paying me for this review though.


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  1. Brandon says:

    Cash4books does a pretty good job and consistently pays a pretty good price. Sometimes they don’t buy books for whatever reason, and sometimes another site has a higher price. Use to find who is paying the highest price for your used books. By time you consider that is taking something like 20-25% in fees, it often times makes more sense to sell to one of those companies directly.

  2. Angela Prokop says:

    why is it that books scouter says that the book is worth good money @ cash4books and then when I go into the site, they do not want it?

    Kati Here: I’m sorry but I do not know. I have only sold them the one book and that is what I wrote my experience on.

  3. Brandon says:

    @Angela, let me know the ISBN via the contact form on and I can investigate.

  4. Jae says:

    I found the cash4books site and before I tried it out i googled for a review. I found your blog and you say you get $4 for each book I sell to them? Well, I have 100s of books that I am going to try and sell. If I hear back from you, I will tell you how many they accepted so you can see if you make any money or not.

    Good luck,


    • sunshinekmp says:

      Jae- They only pay per referral, so if you sell them any books through my link, I will get $5 (new referral amount now) total. Good luck selling your books.

  5. evarun21 says:

    I sell all my used books to They give higher prices for my books than cash4books.

  6. Queenb says:

    I sent these people three books and they claim to never have received them! I got no credit for them and they don’t seem to care about customers.

    • sunshinekmp says:

      Sorry to hear of your bad experience. I do not work for them and simply wrote this post based on my experience, which was good. Hopefully your books will show up.

  7. TVVT says: will quote you a high price for a book then once you send it in they will send you a check for a lessor amount and not tell you. The trick is the higher amount they quote you, because they know you will agree to send your book. The scam is changing your book purchase amount once they get your book.They do not notify you that they change your amount. Once they get your book they claim it is now their property and that you cannot get it back. Sometimes they will tell you they sold your book but will not provide proof of the book if you want the book back. They do not give you a chance to negotiate or decline the amount once they change it on you after you have sent your book. they don’t notify you in any way and they all your contact information. Using this service can come with a headache. I would advise you to use another book company.

    • Tyler says:

      This is Tyler, from We sincerely apologize that this particular customer did not have a good experience with us. Customer satisfaction is our main goal, and we encourage this customer to reach out to us so we can discuss possible resolutions. If a customer sends us a book that does not meet the terms of our used book condition policy, we promptly send an email notifying them we were unable to purchase their item. We hold onto the book for 30 days to allow time for the customer to contact and let us know if they would like the item returned. If we do not hear from the customer within 30 days, the book will be recycled or donated. We kindly request that our customers contact us if they ever have a question about whether or not a book meets the terms of our used book condition policy. You may email us at or call us (8-5 Pacific Time, M-F) at 1-877-243-5935. Thanks!

      • This is absolutely untrue. I sent in 4 perfectly fine books 1 week ago and was only notified yesterday that C4B cut me a check, MINUS A 100% REDUCTION for one of my books! I received NO NOTIFICATION that the book was unacceptable (which I know it was not because I purchased it in “Like New” condition and only used it for an 8-week online class). The book never even left my freakin house so I know it wasn’t torn and ripped like you all indicated. So, in a nut shell, you all pretty kept (or should I say STOLE) my book without paying me for it.

      • sunshinekmp says:

        Diane-I’m sorry that you had this side with them. However, my review is not untrue. It is an accurate account of what happened when I sold them a book.

      • Hannah M. says:

        Hi Diane,

        We are so sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with We do hold onto deducted items for 30 days from the date we received them. Please contact us so that we can find a solution. Thanks,

        Hannah M.
        Customer Care Team

  8. Hannah M. says:

    Hello, My name is Hannah and I am an employee at and wanted to thank you all for your kind comments, great review and feedback. To thank you all for your interest in our company, here is a bonus code for you to use on your next order with us: BLOGGER26

    BLOGGER26 – Sell a minimum of 3 books for an extra $5.00 on your order. Code is good through the year 2012.

    To start selling your books, make sure to click the links above so the writer of “What a World,” receives credit for her great review.

    Happy Reading!

  9. Christine Manges says:

    Hello my name is Christine and my son sent books to and in return we got back a empty box. After talking to our Postmaster the return stamps were not from the Postmaster and the books were stolen the box was re-stuffed with packing Paper and returned Don’t Trust this Company they steal books and blame it on someone so that they don’t have to Pay for the books they are selling. It’s a SCAM……….. 2-2013

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