Cookies For the Dog

Last night, Little Monkey actually finished all his foods and total phe allowance for the day. So he got to have some special low protein cinnamon cookies. The phe in these cookies is so low that he could eat a ton of them and not even get to one mg of phe. I gave Little Monkey a cup and put two cinnamon cookies in it. He ate one and then was eating the other one. The next thing I heard was Amos chomping away at something. Little Monkey had put a napkin down for Amos and put the rest of his cookie on it. And of course, Amos ate it. (This was after giving Amos a chocolate covered raisin earlier and we had talked about not feeding the dog our food.) Crazy kid!


4 Responses to Cookies For the Dog

  1. Joe O. says:

    He’s just being a nice kid! 😀

  2. Dad says:

    learning to share is important

  3. amypaul says:

    that is so funny. at least he gave amos a napkin. and good for him for finishing his food!

  4. mom says:

    a napkin….i tell you…..

    Kati Here: Yes I know….ocd boy!

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