Amos Loves to Play Too!

Little Monkey loves to play with Amos. Amos doesn’t always like to play with Little Monkey. Here are some shots from the two of them playing together this past week.

Here Little Monkey saw that Amos was sleeping and decided that just like the animals in his bed, Amos was in need of a blanket. So he ran to his room, got one and placed it on top of him. This of course woke Amos up but he stayed there with the blanket for a bit.

Wednesday, Little Monkey got a puzzle in the mail from Publix Preschool Pals. We worked together to put it together because it was a nine piece puzzle that did not have the picture underneath it. It is probably just beyond Little Monkey’s ability. With help, he was able to find pieces that matched other ones and put them together. Without help, he would just get frustrated that he couldn’t figure it out. Later in the night, I went to get the puzzle so that we could work on it together again. Instead of finding all nine pieces, I found this instead:

He had tasted two of the pieces and now the puzzle has gone into the trash. Little Monkey was not thrilled about this, but oh well. He’s got new puzzles coming to him at Christmas time and maybe by then he’ll be ready for those types of puzzles.


One Response to Amos Loves to Play Too!

  1. holly says:

    That is so sweet!

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