I had read a lot about Redbox on other blogs but there wasn’t ever one in our area. Good news, now there is! Even better news, every Monday, Redbox issues a code for a free rental!

The process is really simple, but sometimes they are limited in their selection. You can reserve your movie online to ensure you get the one you want, but I haven’t figured out how to use your promo code to do it that way. To rent a movie, you just use their touchscreen to enter your code (if you have one) and then look for a movie. Once you find one (or more) that you want, you add them to your cart and checkout. You do have to slide a credit card (even if using a promo code) and then enter your email address. They will email you with the information on the movie you checked out and will also email you when you return the film. All movies are due the next day at 9pm. If you keep it longer, it’s just $1 (+tax). The DVD is then dispensed out of a slot to you. When you bring it back, you use the touchscreen to say you are returning your DVD and it will tell you to put it back into the slot and it will take it.

To find a Redbox near you, go here.

Most Mondays many blogs will post that day’s free code, or you can google for it. You can also just sign up your email with Redbox and have it sent right to you.


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