It’s A Miracle. Thanks HP (FINALLY!)

So, at last check, my battery had been delayed again but was supposed to arrive on September 18th. Amazingly, on September 18th I did not receive a call to tell me that it would once again be delayed…but I also did not receive the battery. Late in the evening, I did finally get an email letting me know that my battery had shipped next day via Fed Ex. It did not show up on Friday though, as it was apparently being shipped on Friday. And of course it did not show up the next day by 10:30am because it was a Saturday and they didn’t pay for next day Saturday delivery. On Monday, after we got home from playing at a friend’s house, there was a box at our door! HOORAY!!!! It was my battery. I replaced it and got it all charged up. It is in great shape and has been holding a charge for a long time. (Honestly I can’t even tell you how long because it is forever compared to the ten minutes the old battery lasted!) I also boxed up the old, sad excuse for a battery and we dropped it off at Fed Ex later that day. I am so happy that this is finally resolved. Hopefully there are no more issues with my computer for a long time to come. My factory warranty has expired, but I do have the extended plan on it just in case.


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