Kmart Double Coupons!

Woo Hoo! This NEVER happens here…(once it happened at Winn-Dixie but that was like three years ago). I got a flyer in the mail this week letting me know that Kmart would be doing double coupons for five days. I managed to make it there today on the second day. I spent some time cutting out coupons that I thought would be worth it. I headed out to Kmart without Little Monkey (he stayed home with Big Monkey) so that I could take my time and really look at everything.

I got all this stuff (36 items) for $23.45. I thought I’d do better but considering that my total was $98.xx before coupons…not too shabby. The girl behind me in line was quite shocked when the cashier gave my total. She said, “What?! No way. For that all stuff?!” I like it when stuff like that happens! And now we do not need to buy shampoo, conditioner, body wash and carpet cleaner unless it really is free. We are quite stocked up! Very happy about that!

Here’s a rundown of what is there:
3-Suave Body Wash
1-Nail Polish
4-Gillette Shampoo
3-Dove Conditioner
1-Dove Shampoo
2-Edge Shaving Gel
2-Sunsilk Shampoo
2-Sunsilk Conditioner
1-Advil PM
1-Nutrisse Hair Color
2-Pert Plus
4-Sure Deodorant
4-Resolve Rug Cleaner
2-Lysol Spray
1-Magic Eraser
1-Raid Ant Killer


3 Responses to Kmart Double Coupons!

  1. Mom says:

    Way to go KT!

  2. Becky says:

    Good job! Don’t you love other’s reactions!?!?

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