Leapfrog-Click Start

Recently, Little Monkey received the Leapfrog-Click Start-My First Computer as a gift from his great grandparents. He wanted to open it instantly to play with it. He does not yet understand how to work the mouse but I’m sure he’ll get it. He is able to play a couple of the games already, learning the letters and the sounds they make. He also got two games to go with it. He got The Backyardigans and Scout’s Puppy Pals. We have played both of them already and had lots of fun. Now he just needs to learn how to do it himself. When first trying to use the mouse (and still now) he will pick it up and try to make it work that way. He doesn’t quite understand needing to leave it down on the board! We set up a tv for him to play with his computer on his own. This will allow us to still use our tv to watch tv or play wii if we want while he plays computer. We put an old tv into the entertainment center (that we cleaned out since it was holding Christmas dishes and other assorted items). Now he can open the door, turn on the computer and tv and go to town. Well, not exactly, he needs help getting into a game he can play because he can’t work the mouse yet! Thanks to Grandpa and Grandma for the computer! I know he will use it and learn from it. Here are a couple pictures of Little Monkey working on his computer:

If anyone is in need of a gift idea for Little Monkey, here would be a great option of something we need and of course there is always new software!


2 Responses to Leapfrog-Click Start

  1. amypaul says:

    how fun! i bet he loves having his own “real” computer.

  2. Joe O. says:

    Pretty cool…You guys should get him his very own NES. That was the best present I ever got as a kid! I’m sure he won’t notice that its a 20+ year old console!

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