Never Leave Your Partner Behind

“Never Leave Your Partner Behind,” a phrase that firefighters live by and a pharse that Sherwood Baptist Church would love for everyone to live by in their marriage. Sherwood Baptist Church has a movie ministry as part of their church. They have released three films, Flywheel, Facing the Giants and now, Fireproof. If you think you have the best marriage on the planet, or your marriage is struggling, or somewhere in between, or even if you are single, you should make a point to see this movie.

 “Fireproof doesn’t mean that a fire will never come, but that when it comes you’ll be able to withstand it.” Lt. Michael Simmon, Fireproof

Visit for more information on the film, actors, and theaters you can find it in. The film has already made an impact in many lives and yours could be next. Big Monkey and I went to see the movie on opening night. We ended up running into many couples from our church and friends from another fire department. It was a great experience to be there all together and then get to talk about it some afterward. Go see it while you can…you will enjoy it.

A few quick facts about the film:
It was made on a $500,000 budget with a 100% volunteer 1200 person cast and crew!
To follow what they believe about guarding your marriage, the kissing scene was filmed with Kirk Cameron’s wife in silhouette.
It opened at #4 in the country on less than 1,000 screens across the country.


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  1. Holly says:

    Thanks for posting this!!

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