Homemade Lacing Cards

I ran across this blog the other day and saw this great idea. Not too expensive and great for Little Monkey’s motor skills. She posted this post about how to make homemade lacing cards. I decided we would give it a try. Below you will find the pictures and directions of what we did. Check out her page too…her little hedgehog lacing card is very cute!

Gather your supplies. We have four colors of craft foam, a single hole punch, cookie cutters, pen, scissors and shoelaces.

Trace the cookie cutter onto your craft foam with the pen (or maybe a pencil would be better).

Cut out your shape with the scissors.

Hole punch around the outside of the shape.

Start lacing your lacing card!

Pass off the lacing card to Little Monkey while you continue to make more. Little Monkey will invent his own way of lacing around the card.

Complete your collection of lacing card shapes for the evening.

Good luck making your own. It was pretty easy and there are PLENTY of shape opportunities!


4 Responses to Homemade Lacing Cards

  1. Joe O. says:

    It took me until you got to the whole punching picture to figure out what a “lacing card” is…

    Is it to help kids tie their shoes?

    Kati Here: No it’s to help with fine motor skills…putting something small into the hole, pulling it through…it is a process they don’t know yet.

  2. Holly says:

    I’m going to have to do this.. I did just go and buy a couple from Target for $1 🙂

  3. Cute idea! I’ll bet my son would enjoy this.

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