MAPP Classes

Tonight is week five of ten weeks of our MAPP classes. We have to complete these classes before we can continue on the path to being matched with a child. We also have to have our home study done. We thought that last night would be our first home visit for our home study. Something either came up with our caseworker, or we had the date wrong, hopefully we will find out tonight when we go to class.

Class has been interesting and I do think our teachers are doing a great job at showing us some of the issues that can come up with children that have been placed into state custody. I do find it interesting that a class on Partnership Parenting is taught by people who have never been married and who do not have kids. But the state does a lot of things odd so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. They are doing a great job with the knowledge they have though.

I am eager to get finished with our class and our home study so that we can start the process and try and match with a child that would best match up with our family and that we could best met their needs. Last week, we told our case worker about two little girls that we saw on the state’s site. They are both one year old, so we know they are not going to stay up there too long. She told us, exactly what I thought she would, that we should really stop looking at the website until our class is over. We have too long to wait to get through class and kids, especially that young, will not last long. So I am trying to not look at the site and wait it out until our class is over and then start looking.


2 Responses to MAPP Classes

  1. Joe O. says:

    Didn’t you already have that conversation when you were looking at the little boy and girl? Its a long process and you should be patient! 😀

  2. pat d says:

    Do not get discouraged. What I do is go shopping (you know how we love to shop). I buy little things like lotion, powder, socks, and undershirts. These are going to be used bya a child of either sex, and it helps me with my nesting. I make sure that whatever I get is in size 18 months or higher, depending on the age of the child you are trying for. This is my third go round. I got a boy at 5 months, and a girl that was 6 months. they were both foster to adopt but it worked out. IT is a long process but hang in there, and don’t get discouraged.

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