MAPP Class Update

Last night we went to week five of our ten week class. We also found out that our case worker was sick and had asked her supervisor to call us to let us know that we would reschedule our visit. Unfortunately, the supervisor forgot to call us. We now have our first home study visit scheduled for this afternoon around 3:30pm. The supervisor will actually be doing our home study.

We were told last night that there is a LARGE packet of paperwork that we will still need to fill out before she can get started on writing our home study. We’ve got to have five references each, copies of our social security cards, driver’s license, marriage license, dog shot records, doctor records, etc. It will take awhile to get it all completed but our case worker is hopeful that she will have our home study 100% done and in our hands within 90 days of the end of MAPP. So…it could be 2009 before we have our home study to give out to try and match us with a child.

So patience…not one of our best qualities but something we will be learning to have even more of while we work through this process. Even once we get all the paperwork done and background checks completed and we have our home study, it could be awhile before we are matched with a child. It doesn’t help us that we are looking for a younger child (younger than Little Monkey) either. There tend to be less of them and they go quickly.


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