Random Woot Shirt!

Recently, Woot Shirt had “Random Shirt Day.” They charge $6.66 with free shipping but you cannot pick out what shirt you will be getting. They will pull out a random leftover shirt in your size and send it your way. I figured what the heck. I had some money in my Paypal account from selling a book so I thought I’d give it a try. My good friend Joe also encouraged me to go ahead. He has posted about Woot many times before, including the time he bought three random woot shirts. I got my shirt in yesterday’s mail, a surprise since the tracking on it said it wouldn’t be here until Monday and then possibly Saturday. I got the “The nation in my head is inside my mouth.” shirt. It is not the shirt I would have picked out but it is better than many of the ones I could have gotten! I don’t know if I will wear it regularly but I will wear it, and even out of the house…it’s not too bad! 🙂 And who knows, maybe if “Random Shirt Day” comes up again and I have money in my Paypal account, maybe I’ll try my luck for another one! They did send me the wrong size…so I might have to look into that. No wonder it looked big!


3 Responses to Random Woot Shirt!

  1. Joe O. says:

    The Woot! people are very nice and should have no problem swapping for a shirt of the correct size. And since it is random shirt day you will probably get a different shirt design!!

  2. Joe O. says:

    Oh…and if you end up getting a new one, and keeping that one, I bet my mom would like it 😉

  3. Mom says:

    February is Dental Health Month. You could wear it then.

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