Trick or Treating…

Friday was Halloween. Big Monkey was off for the day doing some job testing and I had a doctor’s appointment. Little Monkey stayed home with Amy for the beginning of the day. When I got to the doctor’s office, I found the nurse and front office staff were locked out. (This was apparently the Trick part of Halloween.) The doctor didn’t get there until 9:15a (My appointment was at 8:45a.) Thankfully I wasn’t in a big hurry and it was not a big deal. After my appointment I headed over to Joann Fabrics to pick up some supplies I needed. The rest of the day was just spent waiting to go trick or treating and helping Amy make some baked goods for her event that night.

We had some dinner at home (so we could hopefully get Little Monkey to eat) and then headed over to our friend Holly’s house. Some other friends were meeting us there to hang out and go trick or treating. We piled all the kids into wagons (Funny that we each brought our own wagon and we all own the exact same one!) and took them around. We only went to a few houses though before they were getting worn out. I’m not sure Little Monkey even understood any of it. Poor kid only got one item in his bag that he could even have and it was a puzzle thing. Lucky for him I was prepared and brought some candy I knew he could have so that he could be just like the other kids. Here are a few pictures from our night!

Mommy and Little Monkey

Mommy and Little Monkey

Showing off his costume.

Showing off his costume.

Little Monkeys Treat or Treating Friends

Little Monkey's Treat or Treating Friends

The first piece of candy!

The first piece of candy!


One Response to Trick or Treating…

  1. Joe O. says:

    Why does little monkey look so sad in the pictures with the friends? Oh yea, and you let him go with a gator cheerleader? Really?

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